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DC 12-100

DC 12-100
DC 12-100
  • DC 12-100
  • DC 12-100
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Product Information

DC (Deep cycle) Series batteries are designed for deep
 discharge application, with special chemical formula for plates
active paste material, slightly stronger electrolyte and low
temperature design, which can withstand repeated deep cyclic
application, such as Solar Energy System, Golf Trolley, Electric

Application                       ▪ Power Tools
▪ Solar Energy System                ▪ Electric Powered Toys
▪ Golf Cars and Buggies               ▪ Control System
▪ Electric Powered Vehicles          ▪  Vacuum Cleaners
▪ Wheel Chairs                           ▪ Medical Equipments
                                               ▪ UPS

General Features
▪ Sealed and maintenance free operation.
▪ Non-Spillable construction design.
▪ ABS containers and covers(UL94HB, UL94V-0) optional.
▪ Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
▪ High quality and high reliability.
▪ Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.
▪ Low self discharge characteristic.
▪ Flexibility design for multiple install positions.

▪ Component .....Raw material              ▪ Sealant ........Epoxy Resin
▪ Positive ........Lead dioxide                ▪ Safety valve ....EPDR
▪ Negative ........Lead                          ▪ Terminal ........Copper
▪ Container ........ABS                          ▪ Separator ........Fibre glass
▪ Cover ........ABS                               ▪ Electrolyte ......Sulfuric acid


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